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Sussex Topiary & Hedges blog

Welcome to our brand new blog. In this blog we want to share a little more about what we do, projects we are working on, topiary tips, how to care for your topiary, the tools we use and some of the amazing gardens we visit.

Topiary is a horticultural passion that is enjoyed all over the world. From the impressive gardens of Villandry in France to the majestic temple gardens of Japan, topiary plays its part in creating structure and architecture in gardens all over the globe.

A Boxwood topiary parterre in East Sussex
Boxwood Parterre

If you enjoy clipping topiary, looking at topiary or have current or future topiary projects in mind, then we hope you can learn something from this blog.

We'll keep this blog updated regularly but please join our mailing list to find out when new blog entries are posted.

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